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Posted by bewilderedhero on 2006.10.11 at 14:35
Is there a good auto service place near Montgomery Mall in Bethesda? I just moved to the area, and I don't think my car survived the trip nearly as well as I did.


D.C. to Baltimore

Posted by blackeyedsu713 on 2006.08.09 at 20:58
Hey everyone, hope you're having a great summer! I'm in D.C. for the summer and would like to make a trip to Baltimore, specifically Johns Hopkins University. Any tips as to the best way to get from D.C. to Baltimore (and back)? I don't have a car. Thanks!!

Strictly Locals @ Strangeland Records


This week at Strictly Locals...

July 22 2006
Digital 4 Life Music's "Sharp Dressed Sensei" Record Release Party, featuring...
. Spiggy (Sleaze, DC)
. Mojo Jones (Digital 4 Life Music, DC)
. Nonchallant (Inferno, Hardware Conflict, VA)
. DJ Pharmacuetikal (Hardware Conflict, VA)

* We'll be partying all night for this one! Bring the bbq, the booze, and the psychotic. Bring it all.
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Strangeland Records & Radio-Active-Music.com Present:

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Saturday, July 8th @ Strangeland Records!
Show starts at 5pm.

DISOWN is a three piece regional electronic rock act based out of Cleveland, Ohio. With a sound comparable to Orgy, Nine Inch Nails, and Razed In Black, Disown has over the past 6 years opened for such national acts as OzzFest 2004, HIM, Static-X, Orgy, Godhead, Crossbreed, Mushroomhead, Trust Co., KMFDM and Apex Theory. Their cover of Depeche Mode's "Policy of Truth" is currently gaining national attention as the song is being distributed via Cleopatra Record's recent Depeche Mode tribute album.

This show will be an intimate, acoustic performance by the band. You can also catch their full-on stage show later that same evening at Midnight!

Refreshments will be provided by Radio-Active-Music.com.

Free live music! Free food! Beats the hell out of mowing the lawn on a Saturday afternoon. Come on out and have some fun! Click HERE for map & directions.

See you then!

Ryan @ Strangeland Records

Also, be sure to check out Strangeland's affiliated clubs:
Midian - Every Wednesday Night @ Asylum
Schadenfreude - Every Tuesday Night @ Chief Ike's Mambo Room

Strangeland Records, the DC area's BEST indie record store, will be vending at this year's VA Brew Ha-Ha on Saturday, June 24th at KC's Music Alley (Fredericksburg).

We'll be bringing along a sizeable chunk of our HUGE metal selection. Click HERE for a list of what we currently have in stock. If there are any specific titles that you would like for us to bring to this event for you (yes, YOU), then drop me at line at rhill@strangelandrecords.com and let me know. The sooner the better. Also note that we'll be CASH ONLY at this event.

Come on out and support the local music scene!!! This year's Brew Ha-Ha line-up includes:

Choke Chain
Burn Me Alive
Cut the Architect’s Hand
Sol Tribe
Extortion by Duress

Doors open at 3pm. Tickets are $10 at the door. Hope to see you there!

Ryan @ Strangeland


Posted by ihopdisciple on 2006.03.24 at 15:12
Hey, just had a quick question if anyone could give me some advice...

I'm doing a summer internship in Congress, and all of the housing options that I've seen so far seem pretty shitty. I'll only be there for 8-10 weeks (most likely 8), so the interndc WISH housing or whatever that makes me pay for 3 months doesn't seem too appealing. I looked at Georgetown summer housing, but thats expensive as all heck as well and has lots of caveats.

Right now, I'm leaning toward finding a place off of craigslist, so I guess my question is: What areas are accessible to Capitol Hill? How does one travel around DC? (I live in NY, so I don't mind the subway). Are there areas to look for/avoid? Any help on this would be much much appreciated!

xposted a lilbit


Posted by adora_flores on 2006.02.26 at 19:06

I'm looking for information regarding those sketchy "china town buses" that'll take you from china town dc to ny or boston. Has anyone ever taken one, how much did it cost, where'd you go, how long did it take, etc.? any information would be appreciated. Also, I'm looking for info about (cheap)public transportation from the fredericksburg area to dc. thanks.

This Sunday at IOTA!

Posted by alybaby1219 on 2006.02.24 at 19:23
Hi everyone,

My name is Aly, I coordinate the street team for a band named Spiraling from New Jersey. (You can check out their tunes at http://www.myspace.com/spiraling).

Spiraling is fronted by Tom Brislin, who in recent years, has played with YES, Meat Loaf, Camel, and Glen Burtnik.

Edgy and dynamic, Spiraling plays their own unique brand of synth-infused
modern rock. The band has toured with OK GO, They Might Be Giants and many other marquee acts. This year alone, they shared the stage with LIVE, Hot Hot Heat, Eisley, Joan Jett, and The Smithereens.

Spiraling will be playing in the DC area at IOTA this weekend-- on Sunday, February 26th. All the details are below. Give their tunes a listen, and try to check out the show!

Sunday 2.26.06 Arlington, VA - IOTA
2832 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22201
www.iotaclubandcafe.com Spiraling at 9:00PM
w/ Monopoli and The Making

Posted by luvedbymost on 2006.02.23 at 18:38
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Dave Chappell is doing a comedy show April 4th at the Kennedy Center. Its for Duke Ellington School of Arts..... tix are $50 and all proceeds go to the school.... They go on sale Monday the 27th you must purchase them at the Kennedy Center..... go to Kennedy Center.com

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